The objective of the NIS intermediate plus fixed income strategy is to build and maintain a portfolio that represents the best relative value available based on the expected economic and market environment.

In addition, our intermediate plus fixed income strategy looks to add incremental return by taking advantage of market anomalies and opportunities. Our goal is to outperform the Bloomberg Barclays Intermediate Government Credit Index and to rank in the upper quartile in a universe of our peers.


NIS has $935 Million in intermediate plus fixed income assets under management

As of 9/30/19



  • Total rate of return. We seek total rate of return through the active management of all structural components of the portfolio — sector and industry allocation, credit quality, liquidity, yield curve, maturity exposure and call structure.
  • Primary focus. The primary focus of our intermediate plus fixed income strategy is sector and industry allocation, and issue selection.
  • Performance & protection. We believe in positioning a portfolio to prosper in the expected economic environment while assessing credit risk in the context of relative value.
  • Dynamic allocation to high yield. Our intermediate plus strategy also incorporates a dynamic allocation to the high yield (credit, MBS and ABS) sector that provides incremental returns during periods of improving credit fundamentals.


Kent J. White
Co-Chief Investment Officer
Jason C. Berrie, CFA
Co-Chief Investment Officer
Mark R. Anderson, CFA
Chief Strategy Officer
James S. Kaplan, CFA
Lead Portfolio Manager, Structured Products
Barbara A. Schalla, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Corporate Bonds
Vincent S. Russo, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Corporate Bonds
Lesly M. Barnes
Portfolio Manager, Structured Products
Stefan T. Martin
Portfolio Manager, Structured Products