About NIS

Collaborative, Team-Oriented Culture, Employee Ownership

National Investment Services (NIS) manages fixed income strategies designed with the objective to provide consistent performance and downside protection.

NIS has served this mission for more than 29 years by partnering with clients and consultants on their unique objectives using an agile investment process. We put client needs first through employee ownership and a collaborative, team-oriented culture.

At the close of 2019, NIS partnered with Resolute Investment Managers (Irving, Texas). As a result, we are able to take advantage of their size, scale and services. Our identity, portfolio management teams and culture remained unchanged. The partnership ensures employee ownership will continue and that our focus will remain on our clients and their investment goals.

NIS serves clients from offices in Milwaukee and Chicago.

Company Overview as of June 30, 2023

Who We Are

Assets by Strategy

  • Established 1993

  • Offices in Chicago and Milwaukee

  • $8.5 Billion in AUM

  • Traditional fixed income and enhanced yield fixed income products

  • 36 employees

  • Partnership with Resolute Investment Managers

    • $74.1 Billion AUM

Assets by Client Type

Nationwide Presence

Assets by Client Type chart
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"Although we embrace new challenges, nothing is more important than our current clients and the obligation we have to our performance and client servicing responsibilities. Our expectations are high."

- Robert Brooks. CEO, National Investment Services.